MOTION: the ___ NC shall file a CIS in support of Council File 17-0309 if amended, with the following text:
"The twin problems of ozone pollution and climate change require strong action, and the Mayor's 2015 Sustainable City pLAn rightly targets zero days of unhealthy air by 2025. But alarmingly, the region had 142 days of unhealthy air last year and 87 in a row from June through September, according to -- and that number has been going up, not down, in recent years. Urgent action is required if we are to reverse that trend, meet our goals, and provide clean air for the 2028 Olympics.

An essential part of any such action is strong support for electric vehicle adoption, especially in the Los Angeles area, whose unique geography makes fighting air pollution harder. Council File 17-0309 recognizes this, and proposes reducing local air pollution by requiring 5% of new parking spots have EV chargers already installed, and another 20% EV Capable (i.e., capable of easily having an EV charger installed later). These are good and necessary steps... yet they do not go far enough to help meet our goals.

The cities of West Hollywood, San Francisco, and Oakland have gone much further. They already require ALL new parking spaces in multifamily buildings be EV spaces (10% with an EV charger already installed, and the remainder EV Capable; see, and reduce costs by only requiring enough panel capacity to charge 20% of all parking spots simultaneously. These requirements help make providing EV chargers to residents in these buildings at a later date much more affordable, without increasing upfront costs substantially.

Therefore, the ___ NC SUPPORTS the measures proposed in Council File 17-0309 to fight freeway-related air pollution, IF AMENDED to require that ALL new multifamily parking spaces be EV spaces, with 10% already equipped with EV chargers, and the remainder EV Capable, and to require enough panel capacity to charge at least 20% of EV spaces at 6.6KW simultaneously.

We urge the City to lead rather than follow on this urgent issue."

The CIS shall be filed by ___ (name) within two weeks of this vote,